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Welcome to Decolonizd, a bastion of independent journalism at the vanguard of the ongoing decolonization discourse. Our mission is to illuminate the multifaceted facets of decolonization, delving deep into economics, business solutions, money and finance, science and technology, history, and renewable energy. We are fervent advocates for empowering individuals with the knowledge and insights that can shape a liberated future.

Our Vision

At Liberated Minds, we firmly believe that decolonization is not a chapter from the past, but a continuous narrative shaping every aspect of our contemporary lives. Our vision is rooted in the conviction that decolonization is an evolving process that demands our attention across a spectrum of dimensions.

Independent Journalism at Decolonizd:

Central to our identity is our unwavering commitment to independent journalism. We are a collective of dedicated journalists who prioritize truth and objectivity above all else. Our editorial autonomy ensures that we deliver news and analysis that is unadulterated by external agendas. At Liberated Minds, we cherish the role of providing a platform where a chorus of diverse voices contributes to the ongoing dialogue on decolonization.

We take immense pride in our identity as an independent journalism platform. Independence is not just a label for us; it’s the bedrock upon which our entire operation is built. Here’s why independent journalism is at the core of what we do:

1. Unbiased Reporting: Our commitment to unbiased reporting is unwavering. We do not cater to any specific political or corporate interests, which allows us to provide you with news and analysis that is free from bias or external influence. Our editorial decisions are solely guided by journalistic ethics and the pursuit of truth.

2. Editorial Autonomy: We fiercely guard our editorial autonomy. This means that our team of dedicated journalists has full control over the stories we cover, the angles we explore, and the voices we amplify. There are no external parties dictating what we should or should not publish.

3. Diverse Perspectives: Independent journalism enables us to curate content that reflects a diverse range of perspectives. We actively seek out and welcome contributions from a variety of voices, including experts, activists, and community members, ensuring that our coverage is comprehensive and inclusive.

4. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to our readers, not to external stakeholders. This means that when we make mistakes, we own up to them and take corrective actions promptly. Our commitment to transparency builds trust with our audience.

5. Public Interest: Our primary allegiance is to the public interest. We prioritize stories and issues that matter to our readers and have a significant impact on society. Our reporting aims to inform, educate, and empower individuals to make informed decisions.

6. Serving the Truth: Independent journalism is a quest for the truth, and we are dedicated to that quest. We conduct thorough research, fact-check rigorously, and provide evidence-based analysis. Our aim is to shed light on complex topics like decolonization with accuracy and integrity.

7. Freedom from Influence: Decolonizd is not beholden to advertisers, sponsors, or special interest groups. Our financial sustainability is built on the support of our readers and supporters who value our commitment to independent journalism.

By championing independent journalism, Liberated Minds ensures that you, our readers, receive information that is credible, balanced, and untainted by external agendas. Our dedication to journalistic integrity empowers you to engage in the decolonization discourse with confidence, knowing that you are receiving information that is grounded in the pursuit of truth and justice

What We Cover

Economic Liberation: Our exploration of economic liberation takes us deep into the intricate web of global economic systems. We scrutinize the trade practices and policies that perpetuate colonial legacies, elucidating the stark inequalities that persist. Furthermore, we present alternatives and innovative models that prioritize equity and justice.

Business Solutions: In the world of business, we discern the pivotal role that enterprises can play in the decolonization journey. We shine a light on ethical business practices, community engagement, and indigenous entrepreneurship as potent instruments for decolonizing economic landscapes.

Money and Finance: Money and finance have been formidable instruments of control in the colonial narrative. We delve into the financial systems that continue to impact marginalized communities and present strategies for financial empowerment, enabling individuals and communities to navigate these challenging waters.

Science and Technology: The impact of science and technology on decolonization cannot be overstated. Our comprehensive coverage keeps you abreast of the latest developments, from sustainable innovations to ethical applications of artificial intelligence. We explore how science and tech can be harnessed to reshape the decolonized future.

History Lessons: The roots of decolonization lie deep in history. Our historical narratives dissect the colonial past, bringing to light the legacies that persist in the present day. By understanding our history, we can better comprehend the path forward.

Renewable Energy: Environmental sustainability is integral to decolonization. We scrutinize the possibilities of clean, renewable energy sources as tools for liberating communities from resource exploitation and environmental degradation. Our coverage includes breakthrough technologies and the potential impact on energy independence.

Join the Conversation

Liberated Minds is not merely a platform for information; it’s a vibrant community where ideas and voices converge. We wholeheartedly encourage you to immerse yourself in our content, share your perspectives, and become an active participant in the dialogue on decolonization. Together, we can co-create a world where equity, justice, and decolonization flourish.

Thank you for being a cherished member of Decolonizd: Liberated Minds, where informed minds are the architects of a liberated future. Together, we can shape a world where the ideals of equity, justice, and decolonization thrive in harmony

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