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5 Life-Changing Tips for Understanding Mental Illness Better

Understanding mental illness is crucial for promoting mental health and well-being. This guide explores symptoms, causes, and treatments to help you gain a deeper understanding of mental illness.

Thinking With Indigenous Objects

An arrow is a person.

By Feralidades 17 Min Read

The Sudan Conflict Explained: 5 Key Insights into a Lasting Crisis

Explore the Sudan conflict through an in-depth analysis of its causes, impacts, and potential solutions. Learn about the Sudan crisis and discover insights for a peaceful future.

By Joe Boateng 33 Min Read

2024’s Most Overlooked Crisis: The Struggle in Burkina Faso

Learn About the Unseen Catastrophe Affecting Millions

By Joe Boateng 47 Min Read

Blood, Greed, and Tears: The Price of DR Congo’s Mineral Wealth

Truth Behind Africa's Forgotten War and Why It Still Matters Today

By Joe Boateng 13 Min Read

Shifting Paradigms: The Power of the Consumer.

Your power is greater than you have been led to believe.

By Leticia Macias 5 Min Read

Rebel Forces Capture Crucial Mining Town in DR Congo

M23 Fighters Take Control of Strategic Coltan-Producing Town Amidst Tensions

By Joe Boateng 2 Min Read

Japan’s Defiant Act in China’s Claimed Territory!

The audacious inspection that’s sparking outrage. Could this lead to an international incident?

By Joe Boateng 3 Min Read

Iran fires over 300 drones, missiles at Israel

Iran claims it conducted the attack as retaliation for an Israeli strike on its consulate in Syria on April 1.

By Joe Boateng 7 Min Read

Russia Expands Military Presence in Niger with Air Defense Systems and Trainers

Conflict in the area has escalated following military takeovers in Niger and its neighboring countries, Mali and Burkina Faso.

By Joe Boateng 3 Min Read

Top 3 Uses of Mango Butter for Radiant Skin and Hair

The Marvels of Mango Butter From Africa

Breaking Free from Mental Chains

Unconscious Indoctrination

By Leticia Macias 5 Min Read
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Climate Crisis Economics

Climate Crisis Economics

Guess words from 4 to 11 letters and create your own puzzles.Weaving together a number of solutions rather than just one.

Fighting Tropical Deforestation

Fighting Tropical Deforestation

Sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks

Keep Your Dirty Lights On

Keep Your Dirty Lights On

This ebook considers the social meanings of electricity as an energy technology that became adopted between the midnineteenth and early decades of the twentieth centuries.

Political Order and Political Decay

Political Order and Political Decay

Discusses about from the industial revolution to the developement of industries.