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Seasoned news editor with a passion for decolonization and its impact on global affairs. Unravelling complex geopolitical narratives and present them in a concise and accessible manner. A dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in journalism. Actively reaching out, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, to empower them to tell their own stories and contribute to a more equitable media landscape.
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Blood, Greed, and Tears: The Price of DR Congo’s Mineral Wealth

Truth Behind Africa's Forgotten War and Why It Still Matters Today

Rebel Forces Capture Crucial Mining Town in DR Congo

M23 Fighters Take Control of Strategic Coltan-Producing Town Amidst Tensions

Japan’s Defiant Act in China’s Claimed Territory!

The audacious inspection that’s sparking outrage. Could this lead to an international incident?

Iran fires over 300 drones, missiles at Israel

Iran claims it conducted the attack as retaliation for an Israeli strike on its consulate in Syria on…

Russia Expands Military Presence in Niger with Air Defense Systems and Trainers

Conflict in the area has escalated following military takeovers in Niger and its neighboring countries, Mali and Burkina…

Top 3 Uses of Mango Butter for Radiant Skin and Hair

The Marvels of Mango Butter From Africa

Gambian National Shot and Killed by Police in Germany Following Supposed Knife Assault

An unfortunate event occurred last Saturday in Germany, involving the death of Lamin Touray, a 46-year-old man from…

Underdevelopment And Imperialism In The Third World

Navigating the Path Away from Imperialism and Towards Self-Reliance in the Third World

The Undeniable Evidence of Charles Page Airplane Invention

Rediscovering Aviation's Hidden Pioneer: The Case for Charles Page's Pre-Wright Brothers Flight

Developing aid vs. Tax Havens: Illicit money flows

The West is not financing the Global South, but they finance the West.

Cocoa production in Ghana- On the backs of children

In the south, struggling farmers contrast starkly with billion-dollar corporations flourishing in the north.