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Isreal’s war on Gaza

Several Western countries have suspended aid to UNWRA, a move criticised by Palestinians and top UN officials.

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Western science has a complicated history, entangled in Imperialism and the drive for profit

Native American Myths

Native America Creation Myths

Turkey and the End of the Ottoman Empire

The Transformation from Empire to Republic

Top Writers

Decolonizd 74 Articles
Seasoned news editor with a passion for decolonization and its impact on global affairs. Unravelling complex geopolitical narratives and present…
2418632fd6fdf2d0a0125ac92d45475a?s=400&d=mm&r=g Editor
Six local (Women In Global Health WGH) chapters in Africa, Asia, and Europe wrote this call in solidarity with healthcare…
Hello everyone! I have a Masters degree in investigative journalism and try my best to use it to do good…
Aline Navegantes 1 Article
Aline Navegantes is a Brazilian anthropologist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She has a Masters of Arts in Human Rights…
Prajakta Jagtap 1 Article
An ardent voice against the deep-rooted patriarchal norms, I delve into the nuances of gender dynamics, drawing from personal experiences…

How To Use Essential Oils: More Than Just a Scent! A Journey Through Their Historical Significance and Modern Uses of 4 Examples Of Oils

For what are essential oil use good for. Explore the rich background and transformative uses of essential oils through the

Demographic Change: Understanding the Global Population Landscape in 2100

The Face of Tomorrow: Exploring Global Demographic Shifts in the Next 80 Years


Western science has a complicated history, entangled in Imperialism and the drive for profit

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Combating youth unemployment rate in South Africa

Why this is and what can be done: A mixed policy approach.

By Mbasa Mvenene 8 Min Read

How Tequila is Made – From Agave to Zest

The Art of Tequila: Unveiling the Traditional Craft

Tragedy in the Heart of Gold: The Mali Mine Collapse

Small, unauthorized mining operations persist, despite the dangers, attracting a multitude of individuals aiming for

DRC’s Mineral Riches: How China’s Demand for Electric Vehicle Batteries Impacts Congo’s Mines

Congo's Economic Dependence on Cobalt. Chinese Exploitation in Congo

Did Western Interests Play a Role in John Magufuli’s Death due to Tanzania’s Natural Resources?

Evaluating the Interplay of Global Powers, African Sovereignty, and Resource Politics.

Shocking Gabon Coup | The End of the Bongo Dynasty?

Decades-long Reign Crumbles Overnight: What Led to the Dramatic Power Shift in One of Africa's Wealthiest Nations?

White Scholars as Authorities

The Predominance of White Scholarship

Politicians from Germany AFD met extremist group to discuss deportation masterplan.

Behind Closed Doors: AfD's Alleged Plans for Radical Immigration Policy and Its Impact on German Political Landscape.

Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives

Tracing the Path of Suffering from Congo's Mines to Global Gadgets

Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso have declared their exit from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The trio of countries, each governed by a military regime, have leveled accusations against the regional organization, asserting that it poses a risk to its member states.

The Origin Of Christmas.

Liberate Christmas from Colonial Influence

By Decolonizd 10 Min Read

Tunisia’s Major Crackdown on Migrant Smuggling.

Geopolitics, Human Rights, and the Ghosts of Decolonization. A Landmark Operation Amidst Rising Tensions

By Decolonizd 5 Min Read

Sex Trafficking : Inside The Business of Modern Slavery

Unlock the Full Story: Subscribe to download and read the book.

By Decolonizd 3 Min Read

Full text: Bin Laden’s ‘letter to America’

Online document: The letter first appeared on the internet in Arabic and has since been translated and circulated by Islamists in Britain.

By Decolonizd 25 Min Read

Russia and China strategies in the Central African Republic

Exploitation or Empowerment? The Truth Behind Russia and China's Involvement in Central Africa Republic

By Decolonizd 32 Min Read

Overcoming Green Colonialism: How We Can Defeat It Now!

Fostering Equitable Solutions and Technological Sharing in the Energy Transition

By Decolonizd 20 Min Read

The Politics of Humanness

Brown babies and collateral damage

By Hina Ahmed 7 Min Read
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shea buttershea butter


ebooks on decolonization

Climate Crisis Economics

Weaving together a number of solutions rather than just one.

ebooks on deforestation

Fighting Tropical Deforestation

Sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks

mind provoking ebooks

Keep Your Dirty Lights On

This ebook considers the social meanings of electricity as an energy technology that became adopted between the midnineteenth and early decades of the twentieth centuries.

ebooks on politics

Political Order and Political Decay

Discusses about from the industial revolution to the developement of industries.