Climate Crisis Economics


Dr. Mackintosh has written a long overdue book. Climate Crises Economicscovers this vital subject fully in a candid and unusually complete manner. His bookcan be read by the expert or educated layman. One of his skills is weaving togethera number of recommended solutions rather than one draconian one. An importantread for those who care, a must-read for those who want to put a solution in place. 

Few areas of study combine the efforts of science, economics and public policy asdoes climate change analysis. Stuart Mackintosh, with his background in economicsand public policy, is excellently positioned to combine the threads of these threeefforts into a manuscript that describes an approach to achieve the goals of publicand private agents in the field of climate change. I endorse this book as a must-readfor those who wish to actively pursue the goals of addressing climate change in asystematic way.
 John Silvia
CEO and Founder of Dynamic Economic Strategy, USA

Stuart Mackintosh

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